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Courses – Visiting Professors

Semestre d'automne 2015

European and International Border, Asylum and Migration Law

Christine Kaddous
/ Elspeth Guild / Valsamis Mitsilegas

This course will examine European and international law in respect of borders, asylum and migration. It will juxtapose the development of EU law against international obligations in the field. The focus will be on people and how they cross borders, seek international protection and move to reside, work join family members etc in a host state. This course will not examine national law of any specific state on the subject but rather the current state of international and EU commitments. Extensive reference will be made to the impact of human rights obligations on the three areas and the outcomes.

Content: the course will be divided into four sections:

  1. borders law,
  2. asylum law
  3. migration and economic rights and
  4. migration and security.

It will examine the international legal framework of each subject matter - what law exists and how has it been interpreted followed by an examination within that international framework of EU legal measures. The impact of states human rights commitments is of course an important component of each section.